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hiromi headshot 2 52317 (1)Hiromi Willingham

M.S.W, L.C.S.W

Hiromi is a certified Hakomi therapist and trainer.  She has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2001.  Hiromi began her career by focusing on infant mental health and attachment issues for seven years, including working with a highly respected leader in that field, Michael Trout, founder of the Infant Parent Institute in Illinois.  Since 2006, Hiromi has been in private practice seeing individuals and couples with depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, attachment difficulties, grief, parenting difficulties, and relationship difficulties.

Hiromi is also passionate about training psychotherapists, educators, and other helping professionals.  She teaches various mindfulness and Hakomi workshops and training in USA, Japan, and the UAE.  She is a former adjunct professor at Zayed University in the UAE (2016-2019). She has presented numerous workshops in conferences and schools.

Her life goal is to bring truth, virtue, and beauty into the world and to promote wellness and health in a holistic manner.  Hiromi has been practicing mindfulness and holistic healing for more than 25 years.  On a volunteer basis, she has been teaching Okada wellness methods (subtle energy therapy, nutrition, and flower therapy) through MOA ( for over 20 years.  She is a certified infant massage instructor as well.

Her translation of the book, Practice of Wholeness by Hakomi trainer Lorena Monda, was published in Japan in 2014.  She is currently working on the translation of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy by Johanson, Weiss, and Monda and the book is scheduled to be published in 2019.

She is a caring wife and mother of three wonderful children; she has just moved to Watkinsville / Athens, GA area in the summer of 2019.



M.S.W., University of Illinois, Clinical Social Work
B.A. University of Georgia, Psychology

Licensed  Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)—American psychotherapy license
Certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher
Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Certified Illinois Domestic Violence Worker

Cetified Okada Purifying Therapy Practitioner by MOA

Certified Family Support Worker by Ounce of Prevention, Illiois

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