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◆June 10, 2017 Power of Emotions: How to use them as your allies through Mindfulness & Meditation

Many of us feel some of our “negative” emotions cause stress and difficulty in life. We try to eliminate, suppress, or deny them, but not so successfully. However, we cannot get rid of our emotions because they are essential part of our humanness. Emotions are functional and give us energy and wisdom if we learn to get to know them and use them as our allies.

Hiromi Willingham is a certified Hakomi therapist and teacher and an American licensed psychotherapist. Her passion is to bring truth, virtue, and beauty into the world and to promote wellness and health in a holistic manner. Hiromi has been practicing mindfulness and holistic healing for more than 20 years.

Arif Dawood has worked as an Operations Manager in the corporate sector in Abu Dhabi for the past 22 years. Arif has been exploring the workings of the mind and how to maximize using our inner resources to create positive results in our lives. A father of 2 children, Arif has been a student, teacher and founding member at Inner Space for 5 years and enjoys sharing his life experiences to help others explore true peace of mind and harmonious relationships. Arif is also a Wellness Facilitator for Executives looking for deep transformation in their lives.

Date: 10 June 2017; 4-6pm
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